“In a globalized and digitized world, cybersecurity must be considered from the conception and development phases through to the operational phase of all technical systems and services. Addressing all aspects of cybersecurity during the system lifecycle is our daily business. We are GETTING DIGITAL DONE, SECURELY!”

Paul Arndt

Managing Director – Ginkgo Cybersecurity

Our Approach to Cybersecurity

We break down your project from a top-down strategic mindset and approach it utilizing bottom-up technical and methodical knowledge. 

We like to work in close connection with our customers, approaching challenges as partners and take ownership of the problems, together. 

We focus on execution rather than formalization. We like to get things done!

Our Values

At Ginkgo Cybersecurity we work according to 6 values, which form the foundation of our success

Vision Driven

Our vision is to secure the digital future of our clients. All our actions are subordinated to this goal.

Trust & Transparency

We understand trust and transparency as a foundation for successful teamwork.


We take ownership in our work. Each project is treated as if it was our company.


Our understanding of consulting is to actually solve problems and not stop after developing concepts and give advice only.


We do not rely on predefined partnerships and are 100% independent in selecting or working with any solution provider.


We see the key to success in a well-balanced knowledge of the technical foundation and a strong methodical toolkit.

Title Address Description
Shopfloor Security Program
Winlock Rd, Fossil, OR 97830, USA

Design and Rollout of a company wide shopfloor security program. 

Cybersecurity Readiness Assessment
Unnamed Road, 31079 Almstedt, Deutschland

Cybersecurity Readiness Assessment…

IT-Security Governance
Stuttgart, Deutschland

Development of policies and processes in the financial industry. 

Cloud Security Concept

Design of a Cloud Security Concept, during a multinational cloud transition.

IoT-Device Security Concept
Lüdenscheid, Deutschland

Full scope security concept, from threat analysis to implementation, for a new smarthome device line.

IoT-Platform GDPR Compliance
Unnamed Road, 58769 Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde, Deutschland

Establishment of GDPR compliant processes for customer data handling of an IoT platform

eComerce IT Due Diligence
St.-Rochus-Straße 44, 85716 Unterschleißheim, Deutschland

Risk assessment of the internal IT infrastructure and related HR processes (‘Red Flag Report’).

Device Network Security Concept
Birnauer Gässele 21, 88662 Überlingen, Deutschland

Development and realization of a network concept to connect the system’s components.

Cybersecurity Management
Hirschweg 12, 71229 Leonberg, Deutschland

Full scope Cybersecurity Management for an Automotive ECU.

Project Lead Introduction of a CSMS
Rohrackerstraße 278, 70329 Stuttgart, Deutschland

Management of the introduction of a CSMS (UNECE 155) at a comercial vehicle producer.

M365 Concept Audit
Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland

Audit of multiple concepts during a transition to M365 based operations of a law firm. 

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