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A Cybersecurity Consulting Firm with a Wealth of Experience

As a specialized consultancy with an international footprint, we support our clients in taking on a broad spectrum of cybersecurity challenges. Our activity fields range from developing concepts for integrated IT strategies over establishing effective IT governance structures to managing and implementing complex restructuring measures. During all project phases we ensure our customers’ success through our skills and commitment.


Cybersecurity Strategy

In today’s world, technology and cybersecurity are inseparably connected. It is getting increasingly harder to comply with security and industry standards while keeping up business functionality or governing a loose reactive cybersecurity organization. Therefore, building your security endeavors on a sound cybersecurity strategy is a mandatory task in today’s information security environment.

Ginkgo Cybersecurity supports you in laying the groundwork for your cybersecurity organization. We help you derive your cybersecurity mission – define governance structures – identify control objectives – and deploy your cybersecurity organization.

Cybersecurity Operations

We support you in building an effective and robust cybersecurity operations platform to cope with all challenges you might face. – We further take care of the operational duties you want us to so that you can focus on your key competencies.

We introduce new cybersecurity solutions, rework your defense-in-depth concept, or analyze your countermeasures’ effectiveness. May it be the introduction of a SIEM, the implementation of a vulnerability management system, or the design of a state-of-the-art threat intelligence platform.

Cybersecurity Risk Advisory

Managing cybersecurity risk is a complex topic. You need a framework that appropriately fits your strategic and environmental needs and a solid understanding of how to model and analyze risk to your business or product.

We support you in analyzing your risk exposure – select and tailor a holistic risk management framework for you – or help you choose efficient and effective control strategies for your risk.

Audit Services

Cybersecurity audits are a stressful time and can reach an overwhelming state. The scope of standards like ISO 27001, TISAX, and many other international standards are hard to grasp and even harder to break down into actionable items. As Ginkgo Cybersecurity, we support you through the whole certification process from planning and implementing the audit requirements, as a competent partner during the audit or by analyzing, planning, and mitigating any audit findings.

Product Security

As vehicles, medical equipment, and all other appliances grow increasingly complex in today’s world, the cybersecurity of these products increasingly gains relevance as well. Releasing insecure products can lead to operational liability and lead to irreparable legal and reputational damage.

We, as Ginkgo Cybersecurity, support your organization to cope with this increasing need for cybersecurity. We help you develop and deploy effective processes according to industry standards and support their integration from start to finish. Or we supply you with state-of-the-art solutions from holistic security concepts to feature specific design and implementation so that you can focus on your key competencies.

Data Privacy (GDPR)

Data privacy has been a growing concern of many companies since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was announced. Keeping up optimal business functionality and generating the highest value possible from your data while staying compliant to the broadening field of data privacy laws and regulations gets increasingly complex.

Ginkgo Cybersecurity provides you with insights to successfully integrate GDPR and other compliance requirements into your business architecture. – We help you tailor and optimize your processes to the new requirements – and support you kick off your new organization, filling key roles.

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