A New Era of Security

Attacks against all types of technical systems are not only possible; they occur permanently and over the whole lifecycle of all technical systems. Thus, a cyber attack is inevitable, and it is only a question of time when it is going to happen.

Sooner or later, every system will be the target of an attack. The more important question is whether the system is designed to withstand the attack? Not enough systems are adequately protected today, as evidenced by the lost revenue from cybersecurity incidents.

Our Approach to Security

For us, cybersecurity is not just another annoying problem; designing complex technical systems in such a way that they are secure from manipulation is our passion. To achieve this goal, our teams of experienced cybersecurity experts work closely with our customers. We bring together knowledge and experience from different industries and disciplines. Our understanding of consulting is to really solve problems and not just develop concepts and give good advice. We create real solutions and have a deep understanding of technology. In a globalized and digitized world, cybersecurity must be considered from conception and development to the operation of all technical systems and services. We always keep this in mind and offer holistic solutions.


If we look only on a few technology-driven industries, like high tech, life sciences, automotive, consumer goods, banking, and mechanical engineering, we find that in 2019 a sum of 2.915 billion Euros of sales was lost due to cyber-attacks, according to a recently published paper by Statista. In regions such as North America, Europe and Asia the damages due to cyber attacks is around 125.3 million Euros. This situation has to be changed, and it is our drive to contribute to do this.

About Ginkgo

Ginkgo Management Consulting is Getting Digital Done. We believe that sustainable added value in the field of digitalization can only work in the future if cybersecurity receives the necessary attention. That is why we founded Ginkgo Cybersecurity. Together we will get digital done, but securely. Ginkgo Cybersecurity builds on many years of experience in cybersecurity and consulting. Our new team has all the necessary technical knowledge to make secure digitalization happen. Like Ginkgo Analytics, our AI, and data science subsidiary, we work independently, but closely connected to the Ginkgo Management Consulting teams.

A World of Ginkgo

Ginkgo Management Consulting, Ginkgo Analytics and Ginkgo Cybersecurity have all your digital needs covered. Together, the Ginkgo group of companies is working with Fortune 500 and DAX listed companies worldwide, Getting Digital Done!

What We Offer

Our offer as a specialized consulting company includes all services related to the development and operation of cyber-secure systems and services.

Cybersecurity Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment

The purpose of a cybersecurity threat analysis and risk assessment is to identify all cybersecurity risks. The earlier risks are identified, the cheaper the cost of handling them by adding cybersecurity countermeasures will be. Executing a cybersecurity threat analysis and risk assessment is a complex process and needs a deep understanding of how cybersecurity risks arise. Ginkgo Cybersecurity regularly carries out threat analysis and risk assessments in different industries – Even short-term inquiries can usually be implemented promptly.


Product Development

We offer support for all phases of the product development process to develop real secure products.

Cybersecurity Concept Development

The cybersecurity concept defines control measures for ensuring cybersecurity during the implementation and operation of a system. The effectiveness of cybersecurity countermeasures depends crucially on the correct compilation and coordination of them – that’s why a concept is needed. Ginkgo Cybersecurity develops cybersecurity concepts based on the experience of many projects.

Cybersecurity Architecture Development

The cybersecurity architecture considers all aspects of the system and describes the technical realization of the cybersecurity relevant functions. It should document all assumptions and specify the mechanisms that shall ensure the security of the system. It is our daily business to make the right decisions and develop complex cybersecurity architectures.

Cybersecurity Feature Implementation

Different complex technical solutions must be implemented to deal with the identified cybersecurity risks, in addition to the correct selection, correct implementation is crucial.

  • Secure boot is an essential basic building block to realize secure products; it ensures the software integrity of the system
  • Public key infrastructures are necessary for the generation, management & verification of electronic certificates needed as a trust anchor
  • Without a secure diagnosis, remote maintenance and predictive maintenance will not work

Ginkgo Cybersecurity can rely on an experienced team that masters both the conception and implementation of cybersecurity countermeasures.

Cybersecurity Testing

Cybersecurity testing is a broad field; many different methods exist, selecting the appropriate techniques for the system under test is substantial for reliable results. Ginkgo Cybersecurity knows what testing technology is the right one for a specific system. We regularly support at development and implementation of complex cybersecurity testing concepts.

Development and Roll-out of Cybersecurity Processes

Every organization has its peculiarities and particular procedures. To be able to develop secure systems, the methods in the area of cybersecurity for the organization must be based on norms and standards that are relevant for the respective industry. Ginkgo Cybersecurity supports the development and implementation of all processes related to cybersecurity.

Introduction of Information Security Management Systems

Management systems that aim to maintain and monitor the capabilities of an organization continuously are an integral part of the company organization. In the area of quality management, an ISO 9001 certification has long been the standard. In the field of cybersecurity, such a procedure is also becoming increasingly popular. We support the introduction of ISO 27001 or BSI Grundschutz based information security management systems from conception to implementation. In addition to the general-purpose frameworks, we know industry-specific standards as TISAX® from scratch.

Handling Data Privacy Regulations

All companies need to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union, which extends the existing rights of natural persons.

  • Companies have to prove compliance with GDPR, and this means a lot of documentation is required
  • Corrective powers include high imposing fines; Non-compliance with GDPR provisions can be subject to administrative penalties up to 20.000.000 EUR or up to 4 % of the total worldwide annual turnover
  • There are definite requirements for transparent data processing, for example regarding storage limitation
  • A risk-based approach is mandatory when considering appropriate measures for personal data protection

Ginkgo Cybersecurity’s tried and tested method ensures GDPR compliance for existing and currently developing products and services.

Implementation of New Standards

For a long time, there were no industry-specific standards in many industries. This situation is currently changing in many cases. New standards are emerging. We keep an eye on all of these developments and know what is happening in the cybersecurity area. We make your organization fit for compliance with new standards, such as ISO / SAE 21434 in the automotive industry, and ensure that you will continue to develop according to the current state of the art in science and technology.

“With the founding of Ginkgo Analytics, Ginkgo Management Consulting has shown that they have a good grasp of the right time and the right topics. I am pleased that now is the right time for Ginkgo Cybersecurity to build it up and to advance the issue of cybersecurity further. Despite all the uncertainty today, one thing is sure, in an increasingly digitized world, the topic of cybersecurity will continue to raise many interesting questions for a long time to come.”

Paul Arndt

Managing Director – Ginkgo Cybersecurity

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